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What’s Included

Salespeople and Managers

  1. Are you ready to make the big bucks?
  2. You’ve got a ton of opportunity in this business!
  3. Let’s calculate your income potential
  4. A message to you from Joe…
  5. 5 traps that will trip you up
  6. Part 1: What you need to know about today’s new buyers
  7. Part 2: What you need to know about today’s new buyers
  8. Part 3: What you need to know about today’s new buyers
  9. Part 4: What you need to know about today’s new buyers
  10. How to be a ‘pro’ in sales
  11. The 4 secrets to your success in sales
  12. High vs. Low closing ratios
  13. Part 1: How to ‘ask’ your way to more sales
  14. Part 2: How to ‘ask’ your way to more sales
  15. Your First Impression & Greeting
  16. How to Build Rapport & Investigate
  17. How to Present & Demonstrate
  18. Your Service Walk & Evidence Manual
  19. How to bypass ‘price’ on the lot
  20. Closing Part 1: Assumptive, summary, sold line & action closes
  21. Closing Part 2: “I need to think it over,” CRIC, rephrase to budget
  22. Closing Part 3: “Seriously now” & what to do if you can’t close
  23. If you’re not with a customer, do this…
  24. The choice you have to make now…
  25. Are you ready to start making more money?

  1. Plan A or B??? Your Choice Determines Your Income
  2. Get More Trades NOW!
  3. The Demo: Set Yourself Up For More Sales
  4. Pick One: Justify Or Just-If-I
  5. Handling Their “Price” Questions
  6. The 4 Easiest Ways To Sell More Cars
  7. How To Turn More Shoppers Into Buyers
  8. Starting To See “Mini Deals”? Do This NOW!
  9. 3 Mistakes That Cost You Sales
  10. Change Your Mindset On This Or Miss Sales
  11. More Demos = More Write Ups = More Sales!
  12. 3 Steps To Handle Price Questions
  13. Where The Magic Happens: Presentations & Demonstrations
  14. Either/Or Questions to Help You Close
  15. “Seriously” = 5 More Deals Every Month!!!
  16. Win Sales Over Your Competition
  17. These First Few Words Set Up Your Sale
  18. Easy To Use “Action” Closes That Work!
  19. Get More Customers In Asking For YOU!

  1. Don’t Give Up!
  2. Track & You’ll Find More Sales Opportunities
  3. How To Sell Your Service Department
  4. Ask Them This One Extra Question…
  5. Build “Repeat Customers” Into Your Day
  6. I’m New – Where Do I Start?
  7. ½ Of Something…
  8. The Demo – Your Best Selling Tool!
  9. How Can I Master Selling More Cars?
  10. An Easy Way To Build Rapport With Every Customer
  11. Who’s Your Real Competition?
  12. Balancing Your Day: Ups vs. Repeat Business
  13. The Quickest Way To Lose Sales This Week
  14. How To Prevent Buyer’s Remorse
  15. The Perfect Place To Work
  16. Even With Incentives & Rebates – Don’t Forget This…
  17. What’s Your Favorite Model To Sell?
  18. Topics added monthly
  19. Don’t Forget: “Nothing Bad Happens”
  20. When To Use Their Name / Your Name
  21. Evaluate Yourself Honestly
  22. Handling Just Looking
  23. “Either/Or” Questions To Help You Sell
  24. The Maintenance Close
  25. Follow Up: Just Start!
  26. Isolate & Close More Sales
  27. Tips To Set Up PRICE!
  28. Ben Franklin Close
  29. New Car vs Trade-In Close
  30. Help Get The Bank To Buy It
  31. Long-Term Savings Close
  32. Tips On Getting A Write Up
  33. The Assumptive Close
  34. Call Their Bluff
  35. Set Appointments That Show
  36. They’re All Buyers NOW!
  37. Learn More About Your Customers & You’ll Earn More
  38. Don’t Blow It Now!
  39. An Easy Way To Make More Sales This Month
  40. Set Appointments That Show
  41. 3 Quick Tips To Sell More Now
  42. Convert Emails & Texts Into Sales
  43. In a Rut? On a Roll?
  44. Your Skills, Your Income
  45. Take Them ALL Seriously
  46. The ABCs Of Really Selling More Cars
  47. It Won’t Work! My Customer Is Different…
  48. How To Go From Last To First
  49. Increase Closing Ratio
  50. Get More Write Ups
  51. Strategies On Selling To Truck Buyers
  52. No Inventory? Here’s a Solution…
  53. 5 Ways To Have A Great Month
  54. How To Get More Premium Trades To Sell NOW!
  55. Do You Want To Make It To The Big Time?
  56. From 8 To Great!!!
  57. This Could Be The One Thing…
  58. L.T.R. = More Easy Sales
  59. Turn More Digital Leads Into Sales
  60. Quick Reminders To Sell More NOW!
  61. 3 Easy Ways To Sell More
  62. A 2-Day Class In 2 Minutes!
  63. If You Want to Get Better – Watch This!
  64. These 3 Questions = More Sales
  65. Pick 1 Off These Skills, Work On It…And You’ll Sell More Cars!
  66. 2 Choices To Make The Big Bucks
  67. Presenting The Numbers To Your Customer
  68. Your Appointment Shows And Deliveries
  69. Easy Close For Price Objections
  70. The 4 Easiest Ways To Sell More Cars
  71. NEWLY ADDED: Closing: Keep It Simple You’ll Sell More
  72. Topics added monthly

  1. Course: Goal Setting For Salespeople: Manage Your Career In Sales (23 Chapters)
  2. Get a free copy of Joe’s Goal Setting “Get Everything You Want – Goal Setting For Salespeople” Book
  3. Course: Potential: Can I Really Make $100K+ Every Year Selling Cars? (9 Chapters)
  4. Get a free copy of Joe’s “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars Every Year” Book
  5. Audio: Go To Work To Work
  6. Course: (MPG) Monthly Planning Guide For Sales (20 Chapters)
  7. Free access to Joe’s Online Calculators
  8. JVTN® Tracking Module – Daily tracking will increase sales, guaranteed!
  9. My Virtual Sales Assistant – All-in-one…use Joe’s mini-CRM to manage your sold & unsold contacts and more.
  10. Get organized and order Joe’s monthly planning guides from within JVTN®

  1. Audio Only – Course: Fast Start To Sell More Cars (25 Chapters)
  2. Audio Only – Course: Ask The Right Questions & Close More Sales (11 Chapters)
  3. Audio Only – Course: How To Sell More Cars Every Month (22 Chapters)
  4. Audio Only – Go To Work To Work (1 Chapter)
  5. Audio Only – Course: Skills You Need To Sell A Car To Your Next Customer (18 Chapters)

  1. Make Selling Easy With The New Basics
  2. Your First 20 Minutes – A Controlled Wander-Around
  3. Start Your Sale Off Right With A Great First Impression
  4. Completely Eliminate “Just Looking” With This Greeting
  5. Want Easier Customers? Build Rapport Fast
  6. Hot Buttons – Find Them & Push Them
  7. Short On Cars? Expand Your Inventory With This Easy Question
  8. Want Easier Sales? Cheat: Do This To Sell Service & Your Dealership
  9. Why Buy From Us? Cheat Again: Be Prepared With Proof
  10. Common Problem: Are You Listening To Customers Or Just Waiting To Talk?
  11. Trainer Q&A: Wander-Around
  12. 3 Steps To A ‘Good’ Demonstration
  13. Why ‘Good’ Demonstrations Equal More Sales With Higher Gross
  14. Follow These Rules On A Demonstration & You’ll Close More Sales
  15. Target Your Presentations And Push Their Hot Buttons
  16. Trainer Q&A: Demonstrations
  17. Your Closing Sequence Starts At The End Of Your Demo
  18. The 100-Yard Assumptive Sold Line Close
  19. Action Closes: Turn “I’m thinking about buying” Into “I’m buying now”
  20. Wrap It Up With This Final Closing Question & Start Your Paperwork
  21. Trainer Q&A: Closing
  22. Why It’s So Easy To Earn $100,000+ When You Sell With The New Basics

  1. Your 3 Most Important Questions
  2. Why You Need To Ask Either / Or Questions
  3. When Should You Use Open-Ended Questions?
  4. To Hear “Yes” More Often – Use This Question
  5. Build The Sale Using These Questions
  6. Trainer Q&A
  7. How To Get Their Buy-in Faster
  8. Turn Questions Into Commitments To Buy Now!
  9. Build Value Fast To Set Up Your Closing Question
  10. How You Put It All Together To Make More Sales
  11. Trainer Q&A

  1. Intro By Joe Verde
  2. A Simple Solution To ‘Price’ With Today’s Value-Driven Buyers
  3. What Is Your Experience With Price?
  4. Facts About Price & Today’s Buyer
  5. Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make With Price
  6. 4 Easy Rules With Price To Make More Sales
  7. What’s The Difference? Price Questions – Concerns – Objections
  8. How Do Kitchen Table Budgets Affect Price?
  9. Does The Buying Process Override Cheap Pricing?
  10. If You Can Learn 3 Questions – You Can Handle Price
  11. Your Three Goals: Bypass – Rephrase – Refocus
  12. Bypass Price When You’re On The Lot
  13. Rephrase Price When You’re Closing
  14. Refocus Price When You’re Negotiating
  15. Increase Your Unit Sales – Make More Money – Have More Fun
  16. Trainer Q&A: Course Wrap up “Price”

  1. Selling More Cars To Today’s Buyers
  2. Use These Facts To Sell More Cars Every Month
  3. Why The New Basics Selling Process Is Critical With Buyers Today
  4. How To Use Their ‘Kitchen Table Budget’ To Help You Close More Sales
  5. How To Work With Buyers Today To Deliver More Vehicles
  6. Trainer Q&A
  7. 2 Common Problems With Product Knowledge That Costs You Sales
  8. To Sell More – Turn ‘Hot Button’ Features Into Advantages & Benefits
  9. How To Use Your Inventory To Sell More Units Every Month
  10. 3 Questions You Have To Master To Earn $100,000+ Selling Cars
  11. How To Create Urgency To Sell More & Keep The Gross Intact
  12. Understanding The Difference Between Price: Questions – Concerns – Objections
  13. Dealing With Price Questions & Objections With Today’s Buyer
  14. When – Where – How To Demonstrate & Present To Today’s Buyer
  15. Use The New Basics To Close The Sale The Easy Way
  16. How To Turn What You Learn In Class & Online Into Skills You Can Use Every Day
  17. To Double Your Sales Just Follow The 20-20-20 Rule Every Day
  18. Trainer Q&A

  1. Sell A Car Today, Every Day
  2. Play Your Best Odds With Today’s Buyer
  3. What Is Closing? What’s The Best Question? When Should You Close?
  4. Trainer Q&A: About The Basics Of Closing
  5. Why Most Salespeople Can’t Close
  6. The New Basics – Your Wander Around, Step 1
  7. Trainer Q&A: Your Wander Around, Step 1
  8. The New Basics – Your Demonstration & Presentation, Steps 2, 3 & 4
  9. Trainer Q&A: Value-Building, Steps 2, 3 & 4
  10. Start Closing Right Now With Every Customer, Every Time In Step 5
  11. Firm Up Your Commitments With These Two Closes In Steps 6 & 7
  12. Wrap It Up With This Final Closing Question In Step 8
  13. Trainer Q&A: Closing, Steps 5, 6, 7 & 8

  1. Understanding Objections
  2. What’s The Difference? Questions – Concerns – Objections
  3. The Only Two Types Of Objections You’ll Get
  4. Kitchen Table Budget: What’s A KTB & Why Should You Care?
  5. How To Control Price On The Lot With Just One Question
  6. Trainer Q&A: Bypassing Objections
  7. Add Urgency & Deliver More Units
  8. Trainer Q&A: Urgency & Fear Of Loss Help You Sell
  9. Two Easy Closes For Their First Buying Objection
  10. Summarize Why They Want It And Close The Sale
  11. Trainer Q&A: Closing Step-By-Step
  12. If You Still Have An Objection – Then CRIC It!
  13. Trainer Q&A: CRIC
  14. Still Can’t Close It? Try The 2-Step … 1-Step … No-Step
  15. Are They Still Going To Leave? Let Ben Franklin Help You Close It

  1. Working Deals For More Sales & Maximum Gross Profit
  2. You’re At Your Desk With A Commitment
  3. The Difference Between Closing & Negotiating
  4. A Dozen Rules For Maximum Gross Negotiations (1-6)
  5. A Dozen Rules For Maximum Gross Negotiations (7-12)
  6. Effective Terms & Phrases To Sell More & Maximize Gross (1-6)
  7. Effective Terms & Phrases To Sell More & Maximize Gross (7-15)
  8. Creating Urgency Throughout The Sale To Deliver More Units
  9. Trainer Q & A On Negotiations

  1. To Close More – Understand The Closing Process
  2. Learn These 3 Questions – They’re The Foundation Of Closing
  3. Bypass Price On The Lot – To Close On Value With Higher Gross
  4. The New Basics: Steps 1-4 Set Up A Perfect Closing Process
  5. The New Basics: Steps 5-8 Close The Sale On The Spot
  6. “Seriously Now!” – ‘Agree & Close’ – ‘Summary’ Close – Your First 3 Closes
  7. ‘C R I C’ – If You Still Have Objections
  8. 2-Step, 1-Step, Zero-Step – Shortcuts To ‘C R I C’
  9. ‘Ben Franklin’ Close To Close More Sales
  10. Trainer Q&A: 5 Closes
  11. Turn Multiple Objections Into One Objection & Close Again
  12. Reduce The Objection To The Minor Point & Close
  13. ‘Apology’ Close – When & How To Apologize And Close
  14. ‘Conditional’ Close – When They Explain Why They Aren’t Buying Today
  15. Turn “We’ll Come Back Later” Into A Delivery Now
  16. Use The ‘New Car / Trade-In’ Close When You Hear This Objection
  17. Use The ‘Quality Car’ Close When They “Aren’t In A Hurry To Buy”
  18. The ‘One Thing’ Close – When You’re Losing It, Use This
  19. Use The ‘Group’ Close When You Need Help
  20. Use The ‘Lost Key’ Close To Sell It Now
  21. Use The ‘If You Were Me’ Close – When You’re Stuck
  22. How To Close On ‘Price’ When All Else Fails
  23. Use The ‘Lost Sale’ Close – To Close More Sales
  24. Trainer Q&A: Wrap Up
  25. “Seriously Now!” Close More Sales The Easy Way

  1. You Are “This Close” To Delivering  A Vehicle – Now Just Close The Sale
  2. When You Get An Objection, ‘Agree With Them & Close’
  3. Reduce Every BIG Objection To ‘The Ridiculous’
  4. After You ‘Reduce It To The Ridiculous’ Add A Hook (Pt1)
  5. After You ‘Reduce It To The Ridiculous’ Add A Hook (Pt2)
  6. Never Try To Split The Difference – Use The ‘Uneven Split’ Instead
  7. When & How To Use The ‘Gas Savings’ Close Correctly
  8. When & How To Use The ‘Maintenance’ Close Correctly
  9. Use The ‘Split Payment’ Close For That Last Nudge You Need On Payment Or Price
  10. Gas Saving + Maintenance + Split Payment = ‘Bottom Line’ Close
  11. Trainer Q&A
  12. Closing On “The Book/Internet said my trade was worth”
  13. Use The ‘Hope To’ Close On Trade Value Objections
  14. Use the ‘New Car / Trade In’ Close When They Want To Wait
  15. Add A ‘Removable Objection’ To Every Negotiation To Create An Easy ‘Win’
  16. Use The ‘Quality Car’ Close To Add Urgency To Trade Now
  17. Use The ‘Long Term Savings’ Close For Those Easy Bumps
  18. Use ‘Time is Money’ To Stop The Shopper & Close The Sale Now
  19. Anytime You Want To Improve The Gross, Just Add The ‘Last Bump’ Close
  20. Trainer Q&A
  21. Why Closing In The Negotiation Is So Easy

  1. Finance: The Last Step Before Your Delivery
  2. Make Your Deals Bulletproof Before They Go To Finance
  3. How – When – Where To Introduce Your Customer To Finance
  4. Transition Out Of Finance & Set Up Long Term Retention
  5. Trainer Q&A: Wrap Up

  1. What’s Your Goal In The Delivery?
  2. Do Your Prep Work While They’re In Finance
  3. Quick Guide To A Great Delivery & Future Sales
  4. Schedule A ‘Quick Check’ Service Appointment Before They Leave
  5. How To Make A Second Sale Right Now 10% Of The Time
  6. How To Ask For Referrals & Build Your Business Fast
  7. Trainer Q&A: Wrap Up

  1. You’ve Done 80% Of The Work – Now Make It Pay Off
  2. A Few Quick Questions About Your Customers
  3. Use These Facts To Beat The Competition, Hands-Down
  4. Just How Important Is Unsold Follow Up To Your Income?
  5. What Is An Unsold Prospect & Why Does Follow Up Work?
  6. Why Most Salespeople Don’t Double Their Income
  7. Trainer Q&A
  8. Why 90% Of Your Competition Can’t Compete
  9. Your First 3 Steps After They Leave The Dealership
  10. 3 Calls – 3 Days – 3 Reasons
  11. Want More Be-Backs? Do This…
  12. Fill Your Appointment Board With Be-Backs
  13. They’re Back: Deliver It Now!
  14. Trainer Q&A

  1. Joe Verde: When You Master Incoming Calls – You’ll Sell More & Earn More
  2. Four Quick Rules For Your Incoming Sales Calls
  3. How Do Your Phone Skills Control Your Success In Sales?
  4. Sell Cars On The Lot – Sell Appointments On The Phone
  5. How Many Sales Calls Do You Really Get Each Month?
  6. The Facts About Incoming Calls & Your Potential
  7. Trainer Q&A: Answers To Your Questions From Chapters 1-6
  8. What Are The Biggest Mistakes Made On Calls That Cost Salespeople Money?
  9. To Sell More – You Need A Phone Process & These Skills
  10. Positive Words Sell – Some Words Cost You Sales
  11. If You Know When & How To Use This Question – You’ll Sell More
  12. What’s Their Purpose & When Should You Use Open-Ended Questions?
  13. Use This Question To “Confirm Benefits” & Close The Sale
  14. Wish You Had More Inventory? No Problem – Just Use This Question
  15. Move The Focus From Your Car To Their Trade & Close More Appointments
  16. Trainer Q&A: Answers To Your Questions From Chapters 8-15
  17. Six Easy Steps To Turn Incoming Sales Calls Into Appointments That Show
  18. Say These Words & More People Will Come In Asking For You
  19. What Should You Do Right After The Call?
  20. Common Questions From Salespeople On Closing On The Appointment
  21. Follow These Two Steps & Get 95% Contact Info From Your Callers
  22. Trainer Q&A: Answers To Your Questions From Chapters 17-21
  23. But What About The Tough Phone Prospects?
  24. Quickly Handle Your Most Common Phone Questions & Objections
  25. To Control The Call Just Learn Your ABCs
  26. Now Bring It All Together & Sell More
  27. Trainer Q&A: How To Best Prepare For Those Incoming Call Opportunities

  1. Intro By Joe Verde
  2. Introduction To Sold Customer Retention
  3. Facts / Stats
  4. Why Should I Care About Retention?
  5. Trainer Q & A: 10 Reasons Retention Will Double Your Income
  6. Four Steps To Retention
  7. What Is ‘Your’ Goal On The Delivery?
  8. Initial After-Sale Follow Up (Overview)
  9. Trainer Q & A: After-Sale Follow Up Process
  10. Your Master List: To Guarantee Your Future Sales
  11. Trainer Q & A: Your Master List Is Your Pipeline Of Future Sales

  1. Intro By Joe Verde
  2. Introduction To Prospecting For New Business
  3. 10 Facts About Prospecting To Increase Sales
  4. What is Prospecting?
  5. (Part 1) Contacting Previous Customers
  6. (Part 2) Contacting Customers In Service
  7. (Part 3) Contacting Orphan Owners & Others
  8. Trainer Q & A: Your Best Prospect To Work With
  9. 5 Questions To Get A Referral Every Time
  10. How To Ask Previous Customers For A Referral
  11. How To Ask Service Customers For A Referral
  12. How To Ask Orphan Owners & Others For A Referral
  13. Trainer Q & A: What To Say To A Referral
  14. Your Master List: How To Guarantee Your Future Sales
  15. Trainer Q & A: Your Master List Is Your Pipeline Of Future Sales

  1. Joe Verde Introduction
  2. Are You Ready!
  3. Common Questions About Goal Setting
  4. The Facts About Success & Goal Setting
  5. Common Mistakes Setting Goals
  6. Trainer Q&A: Common Questions
  7. Key Words In Goal Setting
  8. Result Goals v. Activity Goals
  9. Goal Setting Time Frames
  10. Trainer Q&A: Goal Setting Time Frames
  11. The Ten Steps To Becoming A Goal Setter…
  12. Trainer Q&A: Ten Steps To Goal Setting
  13. Why Do I Need To Track?
  14. What Should I Track?
  15. What Are The Steps To Tracking?
  16. Trainer Q&A: Why Tracking Is So Important
  17. Why Use Current Averages?
  18. Forecasting & Projections
  19. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
  20. Trainer Q&A: Current Average, Forecasting & Charting
  21. Understanding The Math On How To Raise Your Current Average
  22. What’s Your Vision? What Are You Trying To Accomplish?
  23. Trainer Q&A: Vision & Bonus Section

  1. To Sell More – Understand Your Market
  2. Your Checklist: Which Skills Can You Improve To Sell More?
  3. Double Your Sales With Your Current Floor Traffic
  4. Increase Your Sales 67% With Unsold Customers
  5. Triple The Sales You’re Making Now To Incoming Sales Calls
  6. Double Your Sales With Easy Daily Prospecting
  7. Raise The Gross On Every Sale You Make
  8. Hit The Big Time: Make An Extra $196K Every Year
  9. Trainer Q&A

  1. Joe Verde: Why The Selling Process Is Even More Critical When You’re Selling Used & Pre-Owned Vehicles
  2. Selling Used Cars Is Definitely Different Than Selling New Vehicles & Here’s Why
  3. Give You & Your Market A Quick Test On Selling More Used Cars
  4. Who Is Your Used Car / Pre-Owned Buyer Today?
  5. Understand Their ‘Kitchen Table Budget’ & You’ll Sell More Units With Higher Gross
  6. What’s Your REAL POTENTIAL Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles Today?
  7. 15 Benefits Of Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles
  8. The 10 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make Selling Used / Pre-Owned / Certified Vehicles
  9. How The Joe Verde Selling Process Helps You Improve Your Sales & Income Immediately
  10. Your 1st 20 Minutes With Every Customer Are Critical
  11. Your 1st 60 Seconds Will Make Or Break Almost Every Sale
  12. Selling Is A Process & It’s Time To Make Friends
  13. Now Find Out EXACTLY Why They Want The Vehicle & How They’ll Use It
  14. Wish You Had More Units In Inventory That They Want? Just Ask These Questions & Triple Your Options
  15. 3 Secrets To Easier Sales & Higher Gross Profit
  16. Now It’s Time To Make The Car The STAR & SELL IT!
  17. Where’s The Best Place To Close The Sale?
  18. Joe’s 4-Step Closing Process Will Turn ‘Thinkers’ Into ‘Buyers’ On The Spot
  19. Now Wrap It Up & Then Finish It Off With This Critical Final Question
  20. When They Say ‘No’ – These Words Will Change Their Mind Fast
  21. Trainer Q&A: Answers Your Questions About Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles In Today’s Market

  1. Course Introduction With Joe
  2. How To Maximize Your Event Opportunities
  3. You Have 3 Event Goals
  4. Quick Facts About Buyers
  5. Common Questions
  6. Trainer Q&A On Stats & Common Questions
  7. Biggest ‘Event’ Mistakes Salespeople Make
  8. Guarantee A Successful Event
  9. Drive More Traffic Asking For YOU
  10. Trainer Q&A On Pre-Event Activities
  11. Sell More Vehicles During The Event
  12. Your Critical 1st Step To Sell More
  13. Build Value With A “Targeted” Presentation & Demo To The Customer
  14. Trainer Q&A On Why Value Is So Critical (Using Steps 1 to 4)
  15. Where & How To Close
  16. Close NOW To Deliver More Units
  17. Action Closes Turn ‘Thinking’ Into ‘Buying’
  18. Wrap It Up & Start Your Paperwork
  19. Trainer Q&A On The Closing Process
  20. Use These Facts To Beat The Competition
  21. Turn A Lost Sale Into A Delivery
  22. Start Your Follow Up Immediately
  23. Three Contacts = More Sales
  24. And One More Thing
  25. Trainer Q&A To Answer Your Questions

Service Salespeople and Service Management

  1. Joe Verde
  2. I’m In Sales?
  3. 4 Secrets to Success
  4. Easy Traps To Fall Into
  5. 5 Biggest Mistakes Selling In Service
  6. Customer Retention = Growth
  7. Why We Lose Service Customers
  8. Understanding Selling
  9. How We Develop Skills
  10. 3 Easy Questions To More Sales
  11. Q&A on Closing Part 1
  12. Q&A on Closing Part 2
  13. Biggest Mistakes In Closing
  14. Our Buyers 5 Biggest Concerns
  15. Presenting on the Drive Part 1
  16. Presenting on the Drive Part 2
  17. Presenting on the Drive Part 3
  18. Control the Flow Throughout The Day
  19. 4 Steps To Appointments That Show
  20. One Last Thought

  1. Why It Matters
  2. Where Are The Customers? Part 1
  3. Where Are The Customers? Part 2
  4. Cut Your Losses!
  5. Why Me?

  1. Tips To Sell More In Every Department

  1. Seeing Is Believing
  2. Up Your RO
  3. Lost Time = Lost Revenue
  4. Higher Value = More Sales
  5. PDF Your Specials
  6. Happy Letters

Finance Sales and Management

  1. Introduction
  2. The Manager Side Of Business Manager
  3. The Selling Side Of Finance
  4. About Finance
  5. Working With Salespeople

  1. Intro
  2. System / Process Skills (F&I Skills Part 1)
  3. Paperwork Skills (F&I Skills Part 2)
  4. Presentation Skills (F&I Skills Part 3)
  5. Questioning Skills Part 1 (F&I Skills Part 4)
  6. Questioning Skills Part 2 (F&I Skills Part 5)
  7. Turning Knowledge Into Skills (F&I Skills Part 6)
  8. Work Habits
  9. Your Success Attitude
  10. Why Customer Retention Is Critical

  1. To Sell More – Understand Buyers
  2. To Sell More – Follow The Selling Process
  3. How To Avoid Price Until You’ve Covered Benefits
  4. Two Quick Closes In Finance

  1. Paperwork In Finance
  2. Current Averages – Why They Matter
  3. Do You Approve Or Improve The Deal?
  4. Secure The Deal
  5. Transitioning Into Finance
  6. How To Transition Out Of Finance
  7. Just Filling In For Finance
  8. Why You Need To Hold Training

Dealers and Managers

  1. Let’s Get Ready To Grow!
  2. What Changed About Selling Today?
  3. Are You Market Driven Or Management Driven?
  4. Price Matters – It’s Just Not Most Important!
  5. What Were We All Taught To Focus On?
  6. Can You Name Your Best Prospects Today?
  7. Three Groups – Three Key Responsibilities
  8. Good Gross Vs. Bad Gross – Why It Matters Today
  9. What’s Your Potential On Incoming Sales Calls?
  10. What’s Your Potential With Prospecting?
  11. What’s Your Potential With Unsold Follow Up?
  12. Critical Stats That Matter NOW!
  13. What’s Your Potential With The Basics And Closing?
  14. What Is Management’s Key Role In Your Dealership?
  15. You Set The Rules With Processes & Procedures
  16. Tracking To Train – The Easy Way To Improve
  17. Setting Clear Goals For Recovery & Growth
  18. Let’s Motivate – Not Demotivate Your Salespeople!
  19. Daily Training & Coaching Your Team
  20. Managing Your Salespeople & Their Activities
  21. Step 1 – Putting Your Recovery Team Together
  22. Survival – Four Basic Steps To Take Now!
  23. Your Daily Dozen Steps To Recovery & Growth
  24. Something Important You May Have Overlooked

  1. Welcome From Joe
  2. Introduction
  3. How Are You Doing Now?
  4. How To Double Your Net
  5. The Secret: How To Get Salespeople To ‘Work’
  6. How To Keep Salespeople Motivated
  7. Gross: New Vs. Used
  8. 3 Easy Ways To Raise Sales
  9. Why Do Managers Get Stuck?
  10. What’s Your Real Job?
  11. If Prospects ‘Buy’ – What Are We Supposed To Do?
  12. Why It’s So Easy To Sell Cars Today
  13. Closing On Price Or Budget – Which Is Best For Gross
  14. Why Shouldn’t You Talk Price First?
  15. They Buy Quick – So We Have To Follow Up Fast!
  16. What’s Up With Today’s Buyers?
  17. How Much Gross Do Salespeople Give Up?
  18. Why Color & Options Don’t Cost You Sales
  19. Do You Want Higher Gross?
  20. Common Sense Usually Isn’t So Common
  21. The Math Says It All: Follow Up = More Sales!
  22. Just How Serious Are Inbound Sales Callers?
  23. What’s It Really Worth To Prospect?
  24. 25 Quick Answers That Matter
  25. The Big Math: Opportunity, Denial or Heartbreak?
  26. A Final Thought From Joe

  1. Forecasting And Planning For This Month
  2. Goals For This Month
  3. Training Plans For This Month
  4. Problems To  Eliminate This Month
  5. Meeting Notes
  6. End Of The Month Review
  7. Levels Summary And Working Deals Checklist

  1. Any Quick Tips To Improve Sales?
  2. Aren’t “Commitments” Kind Of Old School?
  3. What Are Customers Really Buying Today?
  4. How Can We Work With Price Questions?
  5. Describe An Effective Sales Force
  6. Give Me The Short Job Descriptions We Need
  7. Why Do We Need To ‘Rephrase’ Price?
  8. Any Tips On Daily Prospecting?
  9. What’s The Goal In Our 1x1s With Salespeople?
  10. Give Me Some Tips On Holding Better Training
  11. Describe An Effective Salesperson’s Workday
  12. My Guys Smoke – How Do I Deal With It?
  13. When Is the Best Time to Close?
  14. Are Used Car Buyers Good Service Prospects?
  15. Why Do We Always Seem To Miss Our Goals?
  16. Who Should We Blame?
  17. Do Shortcuts Always Cost Us Sales Or Gross?
  18. How Can We Sell What’s In Stock Instead Of Locating?
  19. Where’s The Money Trail Lead?
  20. What Do You Mean By “Steady Growth”?
  21. What Do You Mean: Pay Now or Pay Later?
  22. What’s It Really Cost To Get A Customer?
  23. Is There An Easy Way To Grow?
  24. Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  25. What’s Their Real Job?
  26. Can ‘One Size Fits All’ For Presentations?
  27. We Thought We Tracked Accurately – Any Tips?
  28. Give Me A Tip On An Effective Sales “Tool”?
  29. Don’t Lower Prices = More Value For The Customer
  30. What Actions Speak Louder Than Words?
  31. What’s The Real Math On Sales Vs. Lost Sales?
  32. You Refer To “Family” Lead Generation – Explain?
  33. Where’s An Easy Place To Prospect?
  34. Isn’t SHAC A Basketball Player?
  35. Why Is “Welcome” So Important?
  36. How Does Complacency Kill Sales So Quickly?
  37. Any Tips On Management Time Savers?
  38. If You Find Something That Works, Duplicate It!
  39. Who Is Our Real Competition?
  40. How To Work Better With Women Buyers
  41. ow Can We Keep The Ball Rolling?
  42. What Is ‘Lead Management’?
  43. How Can We Trade-In “Ups” for Repeat Customers?
  44. What Are ‘Action’ Closes?
  45. Why Is The Right ‘Uniform’ Critical In Sales?
  46. Why Doesn’t Price Matter?
  47. How Does The Average Salesperson ‘Score’ In Selling?
  48. What Do You Mean “Sell On Your Feet”?
  49. What’s Our Potential?
  50. What Can Our Service Advisers Do To Sell More?
  51. What’s A ‘Kitchen Table Budget’?
  52. How Can We Improve Our Closing Ratio?
  53. How Can We ‘Double Net’ With No New Expenses?
  54. When Should We Just ‘Get Out Of Salespeople’s Way’?
  55. Why Do You Say “It’s Almost Never About The Price”?
  56. What If You Don’t Have The Right Vehicle For Them?
  57. What Do You Mean ‘Closing Is A Process’?
  58. Why Does It Have To Be ‘Anchors Away’?
  59. Rocket Science: To Sell More – Just Help Them Buy
  60. Driving The Vehicle – That’s The Secret
  61. I Saw This In Your Newsletter – What Does “ABC” Mean?
  62. How Do You Use ‘Yes’ Questions?
  63. Which Is Best In Sales: Asking or Telling?
  64. Why Should You Close On Value First?
  65. Do Most Managers Motivate Or Demotivate?
  66. What Does “Slow Kills Negotiations” Really Mean?
  67. How Soon Do Customers Buy?
  68. How Can Every Sale Be A Potential 36-Car Account?
  69. What Percent Of People Shop Our Price If We Give Them One?
  70. Which Type Of Traffic Is Best?
  71. Is Doubling Your Net Actually Possible?
  72. What Can We Do To Get A 15% Increase?
  73. Any Tips On Goal Setting?
  74. How Do You Implement ‘The’ System?
  75. How Can I Improve My Average 10-Car Guy?
  76. How Should We Manage Our ‘Sold’ Accounts?
  77. What’s The Difference: Market Vs. Management?
  78. New Vehicles – Used Vehicles – Which Is Better?
  79. You Said “Change Price To Budget” To Sell More – How?
  80. How Can We Retain More Gross Profit?
  81. Which First Ten Words Make Or Break Most Sales?
  82. I Sold Lots Of Cars Without One – How Important Is A Demo?
  83. What Does It Really Cost Us To Buy A “Sale”?
  84. When Should Salespeople Use Their Evidence Manual?
  85. Why Should I Help My Salespeople Make More Money?

Other Administrative Training

  1. Introduction
  2. How Do You Spell RECEPTIONIST?
  3. How To Make A Good 1st Impression

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