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Why Is JVTN® So Effective – Why So Many Great Results?

JVTN® + Your Commitment = Results

From 9.5 to 17 units average!

“Joe – before your workshop I was doing OK and averaging about 9.5 per month. I knew there was more, but real success was always just around the corner for me. Price had always been an issue, and in class we were taught how to turn price objections into budget concerns – and it made total sense because just about everyone is on a budget. You said ‘a good deal is a feeling not a number’ and it’s proving to be very true for me and for my customers now. I also loved the way we were taught to get our customers to take mental ownership by getting so many minor commitments (yeses) on the features and benefits and on how they’ll be using their new vehicle. Now when we go into the office to start the paperwork they’re sitting down to buy, not to decide if they want to buy it. Also unsold follow-up was never one of my strong suits, but I was always just told to do it, and not why or how to do it. After what I learned in the workshop, I’ve followed up with everybody, not just the ones I thought that could buy, and it’s really paying off. I just had my biggest month ever at 22.5 units and now my current (90 day) average is 17 units and my commission has almost doubled from $250 per sale to $485! Thanks to your Sales Workshop – success finally found me! I will continue to grow and apply everything I have learned and always keep striving to reach the next level.” Sara Gee, Salesperson, MO


I got my average up to 14, then 19.

“My sales and income just keep getting better and better. In April, I’d already made more than last year just from your books, and after your sales workshop – it just keeps getting better. It’s been a whirlwind after going to your workshop and training constantly on JVTN®. My skills are continually improving, I’m having more fun, my deals are easier to close, I’m making more money, and my customers love me. In April, I got my 90-day average up to 14 after reading your books and I’d already earned more than last year, and now at the end of June my average is up to a 19, and the 20 car average is getting closer and closer. Joe in class you teach that SHAC: my selling skills, my work habits, my attitude and my choice of customers were the keys to success and those four areas are what I’ve been working on. You were so right and thanks to you, I’m always moving the needle (my sales and income charts) in a northeast direction.” Dallas Hockman, Salesperson, MD


$156,000 my first year selling cars!

“Joe, it’s been one year since I stepped off the oil fields and into the car business. Thank you and thanks to my store for believing in the value of your training. I focused on the Core 4 Selling Skills on JVTN® for the first 2 weeks of my training. I was relentless in my pursuit to get better and took over 100 chapters in that time frame, and I continue to train daily. If it wasn’t for JVTN® and your new basics selling process, I wouldn’t be able to continually sharpen my skills, increase my units, and my income. With JVTN® I went from 8 cars to 10 to 13 to 16 and then to my best month at 20 units after attending your closing and negotiation workshop. Joe, I was #5 in units in our group of 15 stores. I was #1 in gross and I doubled the gross of #2. You truly have taught me how to work smarter not harder, my customers love me, my deals are easier, and the sky is the limit!” Brad Lehman, Salesperson, WY


Thanks for another incredible year – up 30% in new, 53% in used!

“Hello Joe, I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for another Incredible Year. As a group, the Murray group believes in training 100% and last year we were up 30% in new car sales and our used car sales were up 53%. We send all of our managers to the managers and sales workshops and all salespeople to the sales workshops and most have been to the Closing and Negotiation workshop as well. Many of them have been multiple times. Why? Because it just plain works. You can never stop learning and you have to keep evolving if you want to stay ahead of the competition. The consistency of the message when going through your New Basics sales process is what everyone needs to stay on track and keep growing, and JVTN® provides that to myself and my team to always keep us fresh and always gives me new topics to train on. I recently attended your Train The Trainer workshop, and I’ve got to say it really got me out of my comfort zone and changed my perspective on what effective training really looks like. After that class, I now approach my meetings with a solid plan, and I understand that if I want to get them excited about any topic we cover, I need to tune in to their station (What’s In It For Them), and if my training doesn’t include the ‘how to’, it’s of no value to them. My meetings have gotten easier, they have been way more effective and the involvement during the meetings has gone up 10-fold. My salespeople are having more fun, closing more deals and making more money and most importantly – more and more of our customers are happy! Thanks again for providing everything a dealership needs to be a success in today’s ever-changing market!” Tony Almeida, Sales Manager, BC Canada


I doubled my gross and doubled my units!
“Joe, I have been in the car business for 4 years and your online training on JVTN® has been a career saver. Prior to having JVTN®, I was trained like most others; there’s the new car lot and there’s the used car lot. It was basically survival. I was selling 7 cars and not making a lot of money. After taking your courses on JVTN®, I’m selling 15 units and have increased my earnings substantially. Your 8-step sales process has made it so easy to be a success in the car business. Basically, it’s follow the process every single time and you will not fail. Thanks again, for doing the hard part, and figuring out a process that truly works.” George Bacha, Salesperson, KS


62% increase after your Train The Trainer Workshop

“Joe, after attending your TTT workshop, I realized a sales meeting is not a training meeting. Before class, we weren’t using JVTN® effectively, but with what I learned in class, now our meetings are ‘Training’ meetings. We start with the WIIFM (what’s in it for them), I get them excited about the chapter we’ll take next on JVTN®, and now my team walks away with a skill after each meeting. You always say to ‘get back to the basics’ so we restarted our online training again with your ‘How To Sell A Car’ course. We’ve been practicing the way we were taught in class and the results were immediate. We’re a small dealership and our current average was 29 units a month before the workshop. The month after the class we sold 47 units (62% improvement), and this month we’re already on track for 54-almost double what we were selling before the workshop. Thanks for the insider’s view on how to plan, prepare and implement great training that gets results now.” Corey Rissler, General Manager, WY


We increased our sales 33% our first month back on JVTN®.

“Our sales were slowing to stagnate the last couple of months and our dealer said, ‘It’s time to get back on JVTN®’. Within a month of getting back on JVTN® and doing mandatory daily training with our team, we went from averaging 42 a month and had our best month since 2016 and sold 56. What a difference going to work to work makes. The sales are easier, the gross is going up as well, and customers and my team are happier! Thanks Joe!” Delbert Murphy, Sales Manager, MO


At 19, I was making a six-figure income from your training.

“Joe, I started my career in the car business at 19 and was lucky, to start at a dealership that fully believed in the value of your training. I was taught the Joe Verde Selling process from my manager right away and because of it, as 19 year-old I was living the dream, selling 20 cars a month and making a six-figure income. I was a solid 20 plus car guy, my customers loved me and I loved what I was doing and in my best month I sold 32 cars. My dreams were coming true and I finally got that Dodge Challenger I’d always wanted. I’m 23 now, married with a beautiful 1 month old daughter. I’m a manager now and work for the #3 Ford store in our region and have an incredible opportunity to be the person to my team that my manager was to me. Thanks to your selling process, and your online training on JVTN®, I’ll be the person to lead and grow my dealership to the next level! Thanks Joe!” Mo Yousef, Sales Manager, IL


After Train The Trainer we’re on track!

“Joe, since returning from your Train the Trainer workshop, my meetings have been amazing! When I got back to the dealership, we started training with the Core 4 Selling Courses on JVTN® and are already on track for our best February in years. Plus, we’re also already up $34,000 over last year. I am better prepared now for my meetings, they are interesting, informative and have a real value to my sales team. We are training 3x per week, and just like in your class, we’ve made it a ‘negative free zone’ and are practicing a whole lot more than ever. They are enjoying the training so much more and getting so much more out of it. Thanks for a great workshop that really showed me the finer points of becoming a great trainer, and leader for my dealership.” Kurt Layher, Sales Manager, WY


I always knew training was crucial, but I never knew how to pull it off until your Training Workshop.

“When I left your Trainer Training Workshop I was on fire and had a plan! The skills I picked up at the workshop turned me into a training machine. We started training M-W-F on JVTN® and we used your Leaders Guide, Workbooks and your Meeting Planner, exactly as you recommend. You made the workshop a negative free zone, and I did the same in our meetings, which was a bit of challenge at first, then the benefits of training started kicking in quickly. I wanted to train, they wanted to learn and we were all growing more and more after each training meeting. I really saw how important it was and that it was working when at the end of the month, I’d try to postpone training and the sales team would revolt and demand we hold training. Joe, this training has made such an incredible change in our attitudes and in our culture. And by the way…we added an additional $700 in gross per unit in our very first month of implementing your training after the workshop.” Jaysen Hayes, Sales Manager, WY


Sales Team of the Year with Joe Verde Training.

“We just wanted to give a shout out to Joe Verde and the team, and tell you all thank you for all your help last year. We had a successful year here at Fremont Ford Riverton and won Sales Team of the Year in our organization by selling 511 units at $5,051 a copy and none of it would be possible without the help and guidance of all of you. We were able to run the numbers we did by continuous training every morning and various times throughout the day on JVTN®. Every one of our salespeople is trained on the 3 pass pencil script (negotiation process) you teach and are able to present any proposal without any hesitation and overcome the majority of objections thrown their way. We track every move we make in the Monthly planning guide which has made a huge difference with our sales team and knowing exactly where we are, and what we need to improve to get to where we want to be. As you can see your group has played a huge part in our success this year so once again we just want to say thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do and we look forward to Happy and Prosperous 2018!!! We are your #1 fans!” Ricki Coyle, Business Manager, WY


We’ve trained with you for 5 years and have grown for 5 years!

“We have been on Joe Verde Training for about 5 years now. We sent our managers to the Manager’s Workshop and our sales team to the Sales Workshop, and we hold JVTN® group training 2-3x per week. It has been the best decision we have made yet. Joe, we started out selling about 80 units then we moved to 100, and then 120 units. And we just had one of our biggest months to date and sold 144 units, and just about doubled our gross profit. We just attended your Manager’s Workshop again, and it reminded us of how much true potential is still sitting in our dealership. The best part is, with just a few changes and improvements in a few areas, we can continue on this incredible growth track. Thanks for a great program that not only helps us sell more cars, have more fun and make more money – following your processes makes my job easier by making my sales team better, makes the deals easier to work, and gives us even happier customers and greater CSI.” Ben Gonzales, Sales Manager, NM


I was in construction before I started at my dealership 3 years ago.

“My dealership is very pro training, and very pro Joe Verde. They send us to classes and we have JVTN® to keep learning more every day. I compare what I learn in Joe’s classes and online to having a set of blueprints used in construction. If I wanted a structure we were building to turn out correctly, I would follow the plans exactly how they were drawn. If I got off track on the building, I would take out the blueprints, reexamine them and make adjustments that were necessary. Now I follow the sales processes Joe lays out step-by-step, and when I realize I’m off track in Joe’s 8-Step Process, I go over it again and again, then get back on track. Also, I just came back from Joe’s Business Development Workshop and am now implementing unsold follow-up, prospecting, using handwritten thank you cards and incorporating all this into an action plan. I asked myself, ‘Do I want to wait on ups, in the cold or heat, or do I want a steady stream of appointments?’ Joe knows the answer to that and now, so do I! I came back from the workshop and showed the staff how to change how we work the deal and we all benefit with a greater down payment and higher gross by making a few easy changes. Thanks to my dealership for their dedication in providing consistent training by sending all our sales staff to workshops and for providing JVTN® for our continued education. My average gross on the front end is $3,000 and my commission per unit is $750 to $1,000. My first year I made $60K, the second year I made $77K, and I am at $110K in my third year. And to give kudos to our store, we had not been able to reach a goal of 100 pre-owned cars in the last 5 years, but in July we hit 101! Joe, thanks for helping me realize that my potential in this business is enormous!” Jon Krabbe, Sales Consultant, CO


From #8 or #9 in the zone a few months ago, to #3 in just 3 months on JVTN®!

“We started using JVTN® in July and couldn’t be happier with the results. 7-8 months ago, we were consistently #8 or #9 in the zone. In September 2016, we finished #3, and in addition to that we have finished #1 in our zone for the past 4 weekends! I don’t believe the success we are experiencing would be possible without Joe Verde and his training!” Dennis Weaver, Sales Manager, CA


JVTN® is my foundation!

“I have been in the car business just 5 months and I am so thankful to my dealership for having JVTN® training to provide me with a firm foundation to build upon. I started training on JVTN® Day 1 with Joe Verde’s first 4 (Core 4) ‘Selling’ courses. Through those 4 courses, I developed a clear plan to success, a ton of new skills, and came out of the gates on fire! I sold 9, then 17, then 25 cars and last month I sold 22 which puts my new current average at 21 units per month! Joe, I really bought into and believe the statistics you talk about and my attitude shows it as I go to work-to-work. Bottom line, I understand they are all buyers, so I treat them all like buyers. I am always truthful, I build the value by getting a ton of ‘yeses’ (minor commitments) throughout my demo and presentation, and I close on the car, not the price of the car. I love the car business! My customers love me and I am well on my way to building an incredible business! Thanks Joe!” Bruce Vickery, Sales Consultant, NS


My JVTN® coach at Joe Verde got me back on track!

“I was off to a really slow start for September and after speaking to my online coach at Joe Verde, she recommended I get back to the basics. I watched 2 videos on JVTN® every morning from that point forward and I set a new personal record and sold 12 cars in 2 weeks. JVTN® reinforces how important training is, and it’s so easy to do online. I have rededicated myself to training and look forward to having a great October. Thank you Joe, for the encouraging words, focus, pep talks and for helping me stay on track!” Neil Blasky, Salesperson, BC


If I could go back 20 years to apply what I learned in Joe’s class…

“I have been in car sales over 20 years and if I could go back 20 years with what I learned at Joe Verde’s ‘How To Sell A Car Today’ Workshop, I would be retired now with more money than I would ever need! What helped me most in that workshop was CRIC – Clarify, Rephrase, Isolate and Close – when you get any objection. Understanding those, and practicing those 4 steps, and then implementing CRIC into my selling process, has worked 99% of the time! Using CRIC and understanding that ‘budget’, not price is most important and using that correctly, seals the deal almost every time. Before I went to Joe’s workshop, my average was 12.5 units per month, and now I am at a solid 16.7. Last year my income was $103,500. I am just shy of $100K now and have three more peak months to pass last year’s income. Every Dealer needs to send their staff to this Workshop. Thanks to my dealership for investing in my selling future and thanks, Joe, for paving my way to continued success.” Carlos Castro, Sales Consultant, FL


In just two months, our gross is already up $27,000 per month.

“We came on board with Joe Verde’s online training (JVTN®) in September, and attended the Manager Workshop right away. Wow, have things improved quickly! We average about 90 units per month and after implementing some of the processes, we’ve already seen around $300 in gross improvement, per unit. We may have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are improving ourselves as professionals and we are moving in the right direction. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us and the potential all of our salespeople have. Workshops and online JVTN® training! All we can say is, it works!” Reko Fracassi, Sales Manager, CT


Our units are up 17% & gross 35%!

“Joe we have been using your JVTN® online training for about 3 years now with ongoing success. My team applies and utilizes your 8-steps to the sale, builds more value and closes more deals and we have realized a 17% increase in units already this year and have increased our gross another 35%. We just recently had our best month ever and are turning our inventory every 30 days. Joe the program is the right process for our group. Whether you have been in business for a while or brand new to the car business, it is the right mix for our team of professionals.” John Enea, General Manager, CA


We’re up 103 units from this same month last year.

“This August, we sold a combined 406 units for the month for Toyota and Lexus. Last year at this time, we sold 303 units. Growth is going strong. I have been with the company for 30 years, and a trainer for 33 years and have seen the growth from our salespeople on a daily basis. We have been using Joe Verde’s online training and it helps us to focus on a more structured training format that is detailed to coincide with our philosophy and training attitude. We look forward to our continued growth and watching our salespeople succeed! Thank you, Joe!” Dennis Andrews, General Manager, BC


From detailing cars to $100,000 in sales.

“I started at my dealership 18 years ago and worked as a detailer for 10 years. I saw the potential in earnings in sales, but I was plain scared to try a commission based job. I wanted to be a better provider for my family though, so I took a leap of faith. I have been selling for 8 years now and after I attended Joe’s workshop, it truly opened my eyes on the selling process. I went from $32,000 a year as a detailer and now I earn over a $100, 000 a year! JVTN® keeps my skills rock solid. I have learned the art of listening and I am never smarter than the customer. I leave my problems at the curb, sell from inventory and I smile all the time, because I keep my customers happy. I rely mostly on repeat and referral business. Joe, you helped give me a path to success and I took a chance and have never looked back!” Elias Diaz, Sales Consultant, TX


Now I average 17 units a month!

“JVTN® has given me so many valuable tools to make my job fun. I come to work to work, I’m energetic and I use my ‘big’ personality so my customers really enjoy the buying process. Joe’s course on ‘Prospecting’ has given me all the tools to make sure people know where I work and what I do, and I make sure I reach out to 20 people a day, for a total of about 600 folks a month with my mailing system. I also send out a large postcard mailer with its bold letters and catchy phrases and I use my nick name of ‘Digger’, to grab the customer’s attention. ‘Digger’ makes buying a car pure fun. The repetition of Joe’s training is the key to my success. It constantly reminds me of the steps to the sale and I’m maintaining a 17 unit per month average. My goal is to be at 20 by the end of this year, and to be at 27 by the end of next year. Thanks for giving me opportunities that just keep on coming!” Heidegger, Sales Consultant, MT


I can see myself making $200,000 from training on JVTN®

“Joe Verde has taught me to make sure customers like, listen and believe you. I have had several customers go to other dealerships after visiting me, and end up returning to our dealership because they like me even though our prices may have been a bit higher. With JVTN® I have been able to increase my sales tremendously. The year is just a little more than half over, and last year at this time I made $71,000 and this year, I am already at $91,000. My rolling 90-day sales average is now 15.2, and I can see myself making $200,000 in the near future! Joe, thank you for the great training!” Craig Pena, Sales Consultant, OR


Our Closing ratio is up to 42%!

“I am not just a Sales Manager who works deals, conducts meetings, establishes schedules, desks deals and performs all the other necessary challenges that are part of my responsibilities at the dealership. I also am a mentor and coach for training, and I believe 100% in the skills and processes you teach on JVTN®. I constantly advise my sales staff that building value in the dealership and taking time to investigate the customer’s needs are the most important steps in Joe’s selling process. My staff spends at least 30 minutes on Investigating! When we came on board with JVTN® we boasted a 25% – 30% closing ratio. We are currently at a 42% closing ratio and our next goal is to jump to 48%! Thanks Joe, for helping us change our culture with JVTN®, by giving us unlimited skills to improve.” Seth Marshalek, Sales Manager, ID


We’re up 103 units from this same month last year.

“This August, we sold combined 406 units for the month for Toyota and Lexus. Last year at this time, we sold 303 units. Growth is going strong. I have been with the company for 30 years, and a trainer for 33 years and have seen the growth from our salespeople on a daily basis. We have been using Joe Verde’s online training and it helps us to focus on a more structured training format that is detailed to coincide with our philosophy and training attitude. We look forward to our continued growth and watching our salespeople succeed! Thank you, Joe!” Dennis Andrews, General Manager, BC


I made over $100,000 every year from your training.

“In May of 2011, I started selling cars and was lucky enough to get into a GMC store that provided Joe Verde training. With no selling experience at all, I figured I had nothing to lose and began taking his online courses, taking notes, practicing and really learning the information. I started at the beginning with the first courses that outlined Joe’s New Basics and a sales process that I felt I could duplicate and master. I was so determined to learn his methods that I practiced the scripts with my wife as we would go through the workbooks and training materials together, learning how to close the sale, and overcome objections. I quickly understood that the key to success was learning to ask questions to investigate properly to find the right vehicle, and then to focus on the customer’s hot buttons as I was presenting and demonstrating the vehicle. By tracking and charting my activities right from the start, I was able to put a game plan together to achieve the results I was looking for. Joe – thanks to you, I have made over $100,000 every year I have been in the car business, and my current average was 18 units per month. I have recently been promoted to Sales Manager, and I can’t wait to be the leader and mentor for my team to share the secrets to success that I have learned from you. Thanks, Joe!” Jason Guy, Sales Manager, AB


After training, I sold 5 in one week!

“When I started in the car business, I trained a lot on JVTN® and got a good foundation of the selling process. I got away from it for a couple of months and my, sales started slipping. I made a decision to make training a priority and started watching Joe’s ‘Goal Setting’ and ‘Turning Incoming Calls Into Appointments That Show’ Courses. The training helped me organize my day better, I go to work with my day already planned out and follow my plan. Following the incoming call script definitely helped me to set better quality appointments that SHOW up. Last month I sold 9 units and after training I sold 5 in 1 week! Thank you for making it simple, follow the process and sales will come!” Ben Huff, Salesperson, WV


From 16 to 22 with Joe’s online ‘Prospecting’ course

“I have been selling cars for 2 years, and my 90-day average was 16. Traffic had slowed down for us, so for the past 2 months we have taken Joe’s online course on how to prospect and ask for referrals. The first month, I started making 10 calls every day (minimum) using Joe’s scripts. By the end of the month, I made 5 appointments and sold 2 extra units! Last month I had 8 appointments and sold 4 of them, making it my best month in the business with 22 units sold. The phones are a gold mine, and following Joe’s scripts and asking the questions he teaches makes it easy. Thank you for opening the doors to many more sales!” Alfonzo Lopez, Salesperson, MA


A Record Month & Best Year!

“Last month we hit a record of 283 units and I know the increase is due to consistent training daily in group meetings and using JVTN®. As a Sales Manager, in the business for 41 years, teaching staff how to be productive in a positive way is part of Joe’s philosophy. As a result, morale is high and we are having our best year in unit sales since 1959! Last month we hit a record of 283 units and I know the increase is due to consistent training daily in group meetings and using JVTN®. All 22 sales staff have a 90-day average of over 10!” Bruce Moore, Sales Manager, WV


From selling food door-to-door, to my first $20,000 month selling cars!

“I have been at my dealership for just over 6 months, and I feel blessed to be in the car business. Previously I sold meat, chicken and fish door-to-door for 15 years, and although it was a difficult sale, I developed a strong work ethic. The training courses on JVTN® have proved to be the source of my success selling cars. In May, I sold 19.5 units, and last month I made a whopping $20,000 selling 22.5 cars! Joe’s courses have taught me how to work my full shift by working the phones and spending time in Service. One day, I made 76 calls. That is a lot of calls, but it did result in a sale. Joe gives me the motivation to give 100% every day I come to work. Thanks Joe, for giving me the determination to stand out in the car business!” Duane Arthur, Sales Consultant, AL


Our Closing ratio is up to 42%!

“I am not just a Sales Manager who works deals, conducts meetings, establishes schedules, desks deals and performs all the other necessary challenges that are part of my responsibilities at the dealership. I also am a mentor and coach for training, and I believe 100% in the skills and processes you teach on JVTN®. I constantly advise my sales staff that building value in the dealership and taking time to investigate the customer’s needs are the most important steps in Joe’s selling process. My staff spends at least 30 minutes on Investigating! When we came on board with JVTN® we boasted a 25% – 30% closing ratio. We are currently at a 42% closing ratio and our next goal is to jump to 48%! Thanks Joe, for helping us change our culture with JVTN®, by giving us unlimited skills to improve.” Seth Marshalek, Sales Manager, ID


I sold 30 units & my sales are easier!

“Last year at this time, I was averaging about 17 units per month. After being in the business for 1-1/2 years, I realized my potential for success by following Joe Verde’s training and making sure that I treated my customers right. I sold 30 units in June and 27 in July, and I am one of the highest grossers at the dealership. My sales are getting easier as I am working for more repeat and referral business. I have found my niche and with the help of a great dealership and Joe Verde’s training, there is no looking back! It’s all about Attitude!” Dan Sweeney, Sales Consultant, PA


From 6.5 in April to 17.5 in June with JVTN®!

“I am 6 months new in the car business and I love selling cars! JVTN® has paved the way to my success. I had the top unit sales in 4 of my 6 months and the top gross in 5 of my 6 months. Joe teaches, step by step, how to master objections versus concerns. He also helped me realize the importance of repetition and how it helps my selling process to be in control of everything from the greeting, to pulling up to the Sold Line! In April, I sold only 6.5 cars, but had the highest gross, $32,000 front and back. In May, I sold 15 and in June I sold 17.5. My goal for July is 20 and I know with JVTN®, I will continue to grow my business, in both unit sales and gross.” Lance Perry, Sales Consultant, ID


In 2 months, Paul sold 55.5 units!

“Five years ago, my dad brought me to Headquarter Honda to buy a car and here I am 5 years later selling cars and my business is taking off like a rocket! JVTN® taught me how to ask questions and how to begin closing as soon as I greet the customer. I am continuing to grow my repeats and referrals and my motto is to always build a friendship. I have also attended 2 Joe Verde sales workshops that have given me confidence, sharper skills and motivation to be the best in my career! In May, I sold 31.5 and most of those were repeats and referrals and in June I sold 24 units. Your workshops and JVTN® have changed my life! Thanks Joe!” Paul Rienzi, Sales Consultant, FL


From 272 to 360 units – a 33% increase.

“We have been using JVTN® online training for 5 years now and we have had increases every year! This year we used Joe’s Controlled Roll out on JVTN® and we did even better! The team is learning more and learning it faster. The controlled roll out enabled me to better organize and focus my training for my team, by controlling the training process. We focus on Joe’s New Basics and not skipping any of the steps, we do our ‘one on ones’ on a regular basis and we do group training twice per week. This year, we went from 272 units to 360 units – a 33% increase and we kept our gross as high as it’s ever been. Joe – thanks for creating the best process to go from welcome to the dealership, to the delivery of the vehicle, to a customer for life. Your process is easy to recognize, easily duplicable using JVTN®, and possible to master with structured practice.” Tammy Roach, General Manager, PE


From $17,000 a YEAR to $15,000 a MONTH with Joe Verde

“Joe, before getting into the car business, I worked for 17 years making $17,000 a year. Thanks to the vision and dedication of my manager and JVTN®, my life has been forever changed. My first month, I sold 21 units and made $13,000. In my next 3 months, I averaged 20 units and took home over $12,000 per month. My best month so far I sold 23 and made $15,000. In just my first couple months selling cars, I made more than my previous 2 years combined. I was salesperson of the month for those 3 months as well. I came to work to work, I follow all of the steps of Joe’s New Basics, and I never talk price and my customers love me. Joe, thanks for the secret to my success and a clear plan I can recognize, duplicate and master for continued future success!” Jolynn Peshek, Salesperson, OH


My pay soared to $149,000!

“Joe, since I started in the car business, 9 years ago, I invested in myself and my career by getting your VSA®. I have been growing steadily over the past 4 years, utilizing your JVTN® online training and focusing on your New Basics (8 steps). After mastering the New Basics, it was time to focus on building my business, by doing better follow up – both sold and unsold – and implementing a quarterly newsletter to keep in touch with my customers. I sold 211 cars in 2013, and 239 in 2014, which equals a 13% increase. Since I was working more repeat and referral customers that close a lot easier and pay me more money, my pay soared from $119,000 to $149,000, a 25% increase. Joe, thanks to you, I am not only a sales professional, I am also a great provider for my family with a great career that just keeps getting better!” David Wills, Salesperson, IL


I tripled my income and I love my job!

“Joe – I was at my last job for 12 years and was in need of a change. I always loved the car business and started selling cars at the dealership where I’d bought all of my cars. I have been training on JVTN® since I was hired, and by having access to your training 24/7, I can train when it’s the best time for me. One of the key things I learned was understanding the difference between a concern and an objection and how to handle them both, and of course, how to easily stay off price. I treat people like I would like to be treated, I follow your 8 Steps to the sale and they like me, listen to me, and they buy! I started on the 10th and sold 14 my first month. I was top salesperson my third month with 22 units, and now my current average is 18! Thanks Joe, for a much needed change in direction for my life and the ongoing training and plan to keep me headed in the right direction!” Scott Means, Salesperson, WV


Thanks for making my dreams come true.

“Joe as you always say – your success in the car business is based on YOU and your selling skills, your work habits, your attitude, and your choice of customers (SHAC) . If it wasn’t for JVTN® online training, your trainers, and your incredible support staff, I wouldn’t have made it. Your online training has made it possible to achieve so many of my dreams: a new car, new truck, a new SUV, a motorcycle and I’m achieving so many of my dreams. I went from never having sold a car to finishing my year at 132 deliveries. I’ve doubled my gross and doubled my income, making more money than I could imagine. My customers love me because I provide a car buying experience that is both fun and easy, and I love going to work to work every day, I love my job, and I love my dealership! Thank you for the best year of my life!” Monte Riddle, Auto Sales Consultant, OR


From 5 to 19.5 units a month!

“Joe, my story really begins where I lost my business and came into the car business at 36 years old. For the first month or so I tried it my way with no training; I sold 5 cars, then 9. At that point I started training on JVTN®. I watched a chapter on the greeting, practiced it, then used it with my next customer, and it worked! I continued taking your courses believing that if I implemented what I was learning, it would make a difference. So thanks to your training I went from 10 the next month to 18.5 and then to 19.5 and then to leading the board and earning over $100,000 in less than a year. I went from a 3rd story apartment with a wife and 4 kids to a beautiful house that I own, a new car and all of the other things that matter. More importantly, it gave me the confidence to know that I have found the career I want to be in. I am a Manager now and I get to teach other people the impact your training will have in their own lives.” Nathan Syme, Sales Manager, NV


From 57 to 184 units a month!

“About a year ago while on vacation I brought Joe’s book ‘A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth’, I couldn’t wait to get back to work and learn more about Joe’s training. We have since attended Joe’s 2-Day Manager Workshop and implemented JVTN®. Our dealership has completely turned around, we now have a sales process that everyone follows, we track everything we do, set goals religiously, and have weekly training meetings with our salespeople. We were selling around 50 units a month, and in March we had an all-time record month and sold 184! Joe, thank you for getting us on track and pointing out that there is no secret to success, it’s working smarter, not harder like we were doing.” Marvin Potter, GM, NY


With JVTN® we’re on track for our best year ever!

“We started using Joe’s online training about 3 months ago. We are focusing on using Joe’s word tracks to overcome objections and making sure they do not skip any steps in his sales process. With just those minor changes, we had our 2nd best month in 10 years and now are on track for our best year ever. Thanks Joe!” Jake Sodikoff, General Manager, VA


Units And Gross Up By Training on JVTN®

“When I got in the car business 6 years ago, my manager had me watch Joe Verde over and over for the first week. I came out of the gates hungry and ready to apply what I learned. By my second month I was top salesperson, that continued for 3 more months and then I was promoted to finance manager. Recently I took over training our new salespeople, we have daily meetings with JVTN® and they also train on their own. In July, they were averaging 8 units/month with $760 front end gross, now 90 days later they are up to 12 units and grosses are up to $1,300! Joe Verde’s training gave me my start in the business and I know I wouldn’t be this successful without it, so thank you Joe!” Andy Beam, Finance Director, MI


My biggest paycheck ever after JVTN®!

“I have been in the car business 16.5 years and I’ve been training on JVTN® for 5 months. When I say training on JVTN®, I mean watching the training chapters, taking great notes, taking the tests and practicing getting the words just right by saying the scripts out loud repeatedly. I learned the importance of bypassing price on the lot, not skipping any steps and to always be asking for the sale. I sold 15 units in May, 15.5 units in June and 13 in July. By the way, it was my biggest month in pay ever in July! I took home $12,500, which was over $900 per car and I took 8 days off for a vacation! Joe, thanks for an incredible easy-to-follow process that when applied as you instruct…just plain works!” Dan Nougier, Salesperson, AR


In just 2 months with Joe … “Our units are up 10%, grosses 30%!”

“We started using Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. about 2 months ago, sending managers to class and using JVTN® (and the tracking). Let me tell you what a difference it has made at our dealership – everyone’s attitude, motivation, and work ethic has drastically improved. Our units are up 10% and our grosses up 30%! I’m starting to hear Joe Verde word tracks on the floor more and more and couldn’t be more proud and excited to see where we are going to be in 6 months! So if anyone doubts that training works, we are living proof it does. Thank you Joe!” Mike Udell, GM, MI


He handled 5 objections Joe’s way & closed the sale!

“I have been in sales and management for over 20 years and I have been training on JVTN® since February 2014. I train daily, 30 minutes on my own, and we do group training with our team about 2 times per week. My part of the process is to present the numbers, overcome objections, and finish the deal. The customer’s first objection was that he wanted to think about it. In response to that I used the ‘Time Is Money’ close. The second objection was that he wanted to save up money to purchase a truck and camper prior to purchasing a motorcycle. I responded with the ‘Gas Saving Close’ and followed with the ‘Reduce To The Ridiculous’ close. On the fifth objection, the customer wanted to think about the purchase over lunch, I responded with the ‘If You Were Me’ close. At this point, my Manager suggested that we would buy their lunch if they brought their receipt back. When he returned from lunch the customer responded with, ‘If it’s ok with you, I would like to purchase this bike today.’ The price of the bike was never negotiated. Joe, thanks for a sales process that is easy to follow, easy to teach, and clear in its purpose. It just plain works.” Ludger Tremblay, ASM, ME


From 4-6 units to my first $10,000 month with your training.

“I started at Sierra Blanca about a year ago. My first few months I was at 4-6 units. After consistently training on JVTN®, my average went to 10-12 units. Then the light bulb came on after attending your sales workshop. When I came back I increased my average to 12-15 and this month I am just shy of a $10K month and the day is not over! By mastering my ‘Yes’ questions and learning to properly devalue the trade with the silent walk around, I am on my way to being a 20+ car professional.” Jared Storey, Salesperson, NM


I feel like I’m getting my degree in sales.

“I have been training on JVTN® for 1 year and love it. There’s nothing better to keep you focused and on track every day! After attending the Sales Workshop, too, and covering so much in two days, it pulled everything I’d learned on JVTN® together. After the class, I focused on staying off price, slowing the sale down and building the value by asking the right questions. I normally average 11.5 per month and after class I sold 19 in April and 16 in May! Thanks Joe, with JVTN® and your classes, I feel like I’m getting my degree in sales!” Taylor Robbins, Salesperson, ME


From 3 to 6 to 9 to 19 units – thank you so much!

“I have been in car sales a little over a year, and have trained on JVTN® since day 1. By training daily I keep increasing my knowledge and skills as I keep developing into a sales professional. I went from selling 3 to 6 to 9 to 18 units and my current average is 19 units. I follow the 8-step process with every customer and my confidence is soaring as my skills at bypassing price and handling objections have continued to improve. There is so much to learn on your system. Like you say, ongoing training keeps going forever and I am looking forward to continued success with JVTN® and I’m very excited about all the potential available to me in this business.” Marckenson Brown, Salesperson, AU


From 6.5 to 20 units per month in just 5 months with Joe’s training!

“I have been in the car business for 5 months, thanks to Joe Verde and JVTN®, I am the top salesperson in my store! Having never sold a car before, I was so lucky to be at a dealership that offered real training. I have been training on JVTN® regularly and after recently attending the 2-Day Joe Verde Sales Workshop, it all came together. I went from selling 6.5 cars my first month, to 15 cars, then to 20 cars. My gross has been getting better with every vehicle I sell. I’ve learned how to stay off price with Joe’s 3-step process, build more value and most importantly, to stay out of the huddle. Joe, I am continuing to train on JVTN® daily. I love it because it gets me in the right attitude that they are all buyers! It also gives me the ‘How-To’s’ to become a professional in sales and earn $100K. Thanks Joe!” Lance Horner, Salesperson, TX


From 4 units a month, to 5 units in just the first week with JVTN®.

“Since we started JVTN®, we’ve been training every day, both as a group and individually. Before I did anything else, I made it a point to take my new guys aside and practice some of the basics with them: we’ve been working on moving the sale forward by role playing the greeting and bypassing price. We’re barely one week into the training, and it has already paid off. A new salesperson who’s been with me for 3 months, James, sold 4 cars last month. But as of yesterday, he already has 5 on the board for this month, and it’s only into week one! At this rate, James’ improvement this month alone will cover my store’s entire year of JVTN®!” Rick Wilson, General Manager, VA


My units and gross improved 60%!

“After selling cars for 5 years, I went to Joe’s 2-Day Sales Course and realized I had been doing so many things wrong that I was lucky to have the business I did have. After the workshop I focused on building value and following each step of the sale. My units and gross per deal quickly improved by 60%. I’ve since been promoted to Sales Manager, I’m training my staff on JVTN® each day and my superiors couldn’t be more pleased with our performance. Thanks Joe!” Craig Runshe, Sales Manager, IN


From 5 units to 17 and double commissions in 5 months with JVTN.

“I have been in the car business for 6 months. Prior to this I was in the restaurant business and working a lot of hours for not a lot of pay. I’ve been training on JVTN® since Day 1. My first month, I sold 5 cars and my commission average was $300 per unit. Now 5 months later by following Joe’s basics, mastering CRIC and overcoming objections, I am at 17 cars and have doubled my commission to $600 per unit! I have truly found a profession that has given me untapped potential for all of the effort I put forth! Thanks Joe!” Michael Wilson, Salesperson, NM


Michael 6 Months Earlier: From ‘New Guy’ to $9,500 a month!

“I’ve been in the car business for 1 year and was lucky to get in at a dealership that offered your training through JVTN®. I have been training daily since I started and have been increasing my units and gross on a regular basis. You taught me to treat all of my customers as buyers and I’ve really focused on learning to ask questions, bypassing price, and mastering your 8-Step Selling Process. As I continue to improve, I’ve watched my sales improve from 5 to 10 when I started to 12, and then 15, and this past month I hit 18 units and $9,500 in commission – my best month ever in both units and commission! Thanks Joe for laying out such a successful training program – I’ve done exactly what you said to do and I’m well on my way to earning $100,000 selling cars!” Michael Wilson, Salesperson, NM


From 8 to 15 units – New goal: 20

“I have been in the car business 7 months. I started out with an 8-car month, thought I was great, got a little cocky dropped to 3. We got JVTN® online training at the dealership and using it helped me understand the step-by-step process of selling cars and now I’m averaging 15 units. The 2-day class I just attended really put everything into perspective and my new goal is to raise my average to 20. Everyone should attend this class because you really can sell more if you just follow the basic steps to the sale.” Erin Cook, Salesperson, MB


I increased my commission $400 per unit!

“I’ve been selling cars and have been training on JVTN® most of that time, and JVTN® has truly been an eye opener by providing me the tools I need to thrive in the car business. I recently attended The Closing workshop and WOW! The information and energy I picked up from the workshop truly increased my confidence and enthusiasm for this business. Upon learning the 3-pass budget focused negotiation process I almost felt it was too easy now to go back and ask for all of the money. So I did it and it worked…I increased my commission per unit by $400 per unit, and I made more money than ever before and I had more customers that liked me even more! By focusing on the value and getting more down, I was able to get more deals financed, and was able to deliver more vehicles on shorten terms…which means I would have that customer back that much faster for their next vehicle. Thanks Joe, for giving us back the secret to having more fun and making more money!” Omar Vasconez, Salesperson, CO


From 10 to 16 after JVTN® and your class.

“I have been in the car business for over 25 years – before your sales workshop I was averaging 10 cars per month and my commission was about $350 per unit. I have been training on JVTN® for the past 3 months and I have to say after attending the live workshop it really brought everything to life for me. I learned how to stay off price better, build more value, and slow the deal down. My first full month after the workshop I sold 16 units (37.5% increase) and my commission is now at $500 per unit, which gave me an extra $2,400 in commission. I was also number one in the dealership! Thanks Joe for giving me the tools to continue growing my skills to become a true automotive sales professional!” Bruce Dubrow, Salesperson, PA


Best month…23.5 units.

“I am on my 4th time through the “The Goal Setting for Salespeople” book so I don’t miss anything. I set a goal to sell 20 cars per month and figured I’d have to talk to 3 people per day and close 1 of the 3. It is April 30, I’ve had (2) Hat tricks already this month. I sold 4 cars per day – 2 times (a Grand Slam) – and had my best month ever at 23.5 units. I’ve been training on JVTN® and have also attended the Joe Verde Sales Class. The goal setting book showed me how much easier it is to grow my business with a plan. Thanks Joe!” Jerry Peppers, Salesperson, TX


From 6 or 8 units a month for 27 years – to 17-18 with Joe’s training.

“I’ve been in the car business for 27 years and was selling 6-8 cars per month. I recently transferred to a dealership where the manager lives and breathes Joe Verde and we go through the Joe Verde training 3-4 times a week. Saying the right things, getting all of the ‘yes’ responses, and turning price into budget has certainly helped me. With Joe’s training I’ve gone from selling 6-8 cars to 22 cars high and now I’m averaging 17-18. The training changes your attitude and you look forward to coming to work every day. It’s a great program, I use the VSA® in JVTN® (mini-CRM) that comes with it and now my follow up is better than it ever was. Repeat & referrals are the key because people who’ve bought from you close at a much higher rate. Thanks, Joe.” Tom Starr, OH


We doubled sales at our dealership in less than 4 months!

“We signed up for JVTN® in late April, hoping to get some structure for our sales staff and dealership. What we got was more than we ever imagined. We have since started having weekly training meetings, and daily meetings on an excerpt I take from either Joe’s ‘How To Sell A Car Today’ book, or his ‘Earn Over 100K Selling Cars Every Year’ book and write it on our board in the training room. We have gotten remarkably better with our follow-up procedures from using the VSA® and our sales staff is not afraid to ask for the sale anymore since they have the right word tracks to do so. We went from 42 units in April to selling 102 in July! Our entire dealership has completely changed and we owe a lot of it to Joe and his training, so thank you!” Leigh Ann Sumrall, Internet Sales Manager/Trainer, MS


From 8-9 units to 18 after reading Joe’s “Earn $100,000” book and training on JVTN®.

“For the whole year, I’ve been selling 8-9 cars every month. I finally listened to what Joe was saying in his 100K book and online in JVTN® and began using JVTN® Tracking to see where I needed to improve. Training and tracking has paid off: In June I sold 10 and in July I sold 18, thanks to Joe and everyone at JVG.” Bob Tauber, Salesperson, NY


From 14 units to 25 after JVTN®

“Joe, I have been selling cars for 10 years. My first 8 years I was up to a 14 car average and was making about $40,000 a year. Not bad, but I wanted more so I started training on JVTN® in the beginning of my ninth year, and after taking the courses I was sold. I began implementing the process and recently had my biggest month ever and set a store record with 34 units! My current average is 25 now and I am on track for $100,000 for this year! The best part is I am still learning and growing daily as I continue my training on JVTN®. Thanks for a great process that works and helping me get to the next level!” Prentiss Farsee, Salesperson, WI


Our Gross Is Up $800 In One Month With JVTN®.

“We have only had JVTN® and your training for a month and a half and already see and feel a difference in our dealership. Our salespeople learned how to avoid price on the lot and our gross has gone up $800 per unit. With Joe Verde our future keeps looking brighter and brighter!” Chris Reade, UCM, CA


My sales exploded to 20 for the month.

“When I started in the car business I immediately started training on JVTN® and using the Virtual Sales Assistant. My first month I sold 8 units and then I went to the 2 day Sales Workshop. WOW, talk about a pump up! I came back ready to follow the steps to the sale. I started to slow down and focus on building value and getting more yeses throughout the process. I got a quick hat trick and never looked back as my sales exploded to 20 for the month. Thanks Joe for a great workshop and for building my skills for my new career!” Ian Daly, Salesperson, NY


Our grosses have gone through the roof because of JVTN®!

“Our grosses have gone through the roof because of JVTN®! Four of the past six months have been record months in the 30 years the store has been open. Even though we are in a bad economy in Oregon, many mills and other industries have closed down but we continue to grow because of the Joe Verde training and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in our gross profits… In my 32 years in the business, this is the first program I’ve seen where everyone follows it from the General Manager down to the salespeople and everyone in between.” Kevin Knopf, Sales Manager, OR


120% Growth- Jan ‘08-Jan ‘09! (Even through the recession)

“Joe: How did we grow 120% from January 08′ to January 09′ in our current market? It starts with our salespeople using your greeting and not getting their first objection within those first few seconds. Also all our Sales People train twice a week on JVTN® and for the Salespeople who don’t want to train no problem. They can work, just not here. This month we are sending four more of our Salespeople to your ‘How to Sell A Car Today’ Workshop and looking forward to what they do when they return. The sky is the limit when training the Joe Verde way! Thanks, Joe.” Craig Brown, Sales Manager, BC


Your training has been the best money we ever spent.

“Joe, it’s been about 4 years since I attended my first Joe Verde Training Seminar to decide if Menholt Auto Group wanted to engage your services. I tell the story often to our Management Team that after the first day of class I was quite humbled and realized we as a group had so much opportunity through the training and development of our people with your team’s assistance. Your training has been the best money we ever spent – and it’s been an amazing time for our group. We signed up with JVTN® right away and sent all of our managers to your classes to learn your processes. Once we trained our managers and put processes into place – we watched our sales associates grow in unit sales and income while also slowing down turnover in the sales department. Now we have daily training and daily one-on-ones with our salespeople. We just closed on 2 more dealerships and will require all of those managers to attend your Team Leadership workshop as soon as possible, too, so we can give them every advantage in today’s market. Business was good when we met, and it’s getting better all the time.” Randy Point, Vice President, MT


8 to 11 to 15 to 19 units!

“When I started selling cars I immediately started training on JVTN®. I had never sold cars before, so when I learned the sales process I was relieved to have some direction. I make a conscious effort to follow the steps as closely as I can and it’s paying off. My first month I sold 8, second- 11, third- 15 units and last month sold 19, making me salesman of the month! Nobody has ever been salesman of the month this quick in my dealership’s history! Thanks for leading me on the right path in my new career!” Jason Gallegos, Salesperson, CO


I tripled my commission and I almost doubled my units!

“I just hit 1 year in the car business and I had been averaging 14 units per month and my commission was OK. After attending Joe’s Sales Workshop my confidence was soaring as I now had a clear 8-step process to get the customer from the greeting to the office. I learned to get them excited about the dealership, myself and how get them excited about owning by building more value and staying off price. I went from selling 14 units and making $3,000 a month to selling 25 units and making $9,000 the next 2 months back to back. That’s more in 2 months than I’d made the 6 months before class. Thanks Joe for a needed boost to my career in sales and a foolproof plan for continued growth for the future.” Brian Adolfi, Salesperson, NY


From 10 to 19 after your sales class and JVTN®

“Joe, I have been a solid 10 car guy with average gross. After attending your 2 Day Sales Workshop, my attitude, energy level and passion for the business came back! I started treating everyone like buyers and stayed off price. I sold 6 vehicles in the next 4 days back and had my best month ever with 19 units. To top it off our dealership finished top in the country for CSI for all Toyota dealerships for the quarter. We use JVTN® regularly and are on fire! Joe, thanks for The Keys to Success in the car business, couldn’t have done it without you!” Lyle Gallez, Salesperson, IL

If you’re ready with the desire and a commitment call (800) 445-6217 – we have the training to help you reach your next level in sales.