JVTN® Special Features

24/7 Online Access

How would you like to set up your daily training schedule when you want to? 24/7 online access to JVTN® gives you the freedom you want.

JVTN® Support Team

Our coaches on the Joe Verde Support Team make it quick and easy for your salespeople to get the most from their training. Plus, our support team keeps you updated.

Power Drill Games

Would your salespeople train more if they thought it was kind of fun? Well, JVTN®‘s power drills reinforce training in a fun and competitive way.

Role-Play Games

We all know that perfect practice equals a better presentation to your customers. Our role-play games keep mistakes on the screen and off your lot.

Sales Activity Tracking

What are the problems in your sales department? Closing? Follow Up? Handling incoming sales calls? Identify what your problem is with JVTN® sales activity tracking today.

Management Reports

Are you worried about keeping tabs on your salespeople’s training sessions? Well, don’t be. We’ve solved the problem for you and we’ll email you regular reports.

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