Live Training Reports

Our goal with JVTN®… Training Reports is to make your job managing training easy.
Now you’ll have up to the minute – complete live reports on every training chapter.
Everything you need to know to manage your sales team’s daily training.
If you knew everything your salespeople did each day, could you have more control over their activities and results?

Answer: Absolutely – that’s a critical step in the improvement and growth process.

Problem: But – your DMS or CRM tracking doesn’t tell you enough to know exactly where to train.

Solution: In less than 3 minutes per day of your manager’s time, JVTN® will show you
exactly the ‘targeted training’ each of your salespeople needs to improve.

Whether you like to pour over the numbers, or just want a quick picture of your salespeople’s…

Daily Sales Opportunities – Daily Sales Activities – Daily Sales Results…

JVTN® Will Be Your Guide To Continuous Improvement

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