Let JVTN® Help Protect Your Dealership

Salespeople’s skills are critical to your success in so many areas – especially in today’s market.

Two Quick Examples: Selling To Your Walk-In Traffic – Taking Incoming Sales Calls

Why would you spend so much money in advertising to put a prospect on the lot, or to get someone to call in on the phone, and allow an untrained salesperson talk to that prospect or take that call?

The Solution: JVTN® Training Certification On Key Selling Skills

Here again – JVTN® will do the heavy lifting for you if you’ll just do one thing in these areas: Require your salespeople to complete a training series, and pass each one with a 90% or higher score.

For even more assurance that you’ll get the highest return on your investment, also require that each person pass with 90% or higher score on any Role Play game or Power Drill game available for those courses.

And for the ultimate protection – tie everything into our Sales Level Program in JVTN®

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