System Requirements

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Technical Requirements

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Troubleshooting Guide

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Spam Blocker

To ensure you continue to get email communications from JVTN® – Please follow these steps so these important notices don’t accidentally transfer to your JUNK or DELETED ITEMS folder:

  1. Add the following email addresses:, and to your address book.
  2. Add,,,, and to your Safe Senders List in your email program.
Internet Security & Firewall

If your company has any restrictions for web browsing, portions of the JVTN web application may not load properly.


These are the URL/domains that you can add to your allowed list to ensure our training videos do not get blocked by your firewall. Your IT Department will know what your equipment requires to make these changes.


We recommend a wild card on the and .net domain such as:
* or
* or


Examples: There are a handful of subdomain names that provide services to the shared application files:
This is the domain name this is visible to the authenticated users in the URL bar.
This is the domain houses our reports, authenticated users will see this in the URL bar.
This supports the delivery of the video files from the CDN. Users will not see this URL.
This supports the delivery of assets from the CDN. Users will not see this URL.
This supports the secure streaming videos from the CDN and is an RTMP protocol. Users will not see this URL.

This supports the secure communication (SSL) via the platform’s restful API. Users will not see this URL.


For a complete list of URL/domains to add to your firewall allowed list – click here


***NOTE – We also highly recommend disabling content caching on your firewall for the and .net domain as this has been known to cause issues.

Security & Privacy
  1. What does JVTN® do with my information?
  1. Is my payment information secure?
    • YES.
      You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.For Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8, the padlock is at the top of the page, to the right of the address bar. To determine whether 40-bit or 128-bit encryption is in effect, open the document information page using File->Properties. This will indicate whether “weak” or “strong” encryption is in use.

You can verify SSL security in Mozilla Firefox by displaying the Security tab under Tools -> Page Info from the Menu bar at the top of the browser.

Important Notes

NOTE – JVTN® is intended for a “broadband audience.” It may not run as intended on slower computers or with slower Internet connections. Please review the recommended system requirements above for best results, also ensure that you have the most recent OS and web browser updates. For optimum performance in running JVTN®, you may want to close other application that may be running in the background that are using up system resources (such as Outlook, MS Office, or other RAM intensive applications).