The Secrets To Setting & Reaching Sales Goals

Manage Your Career In Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople (23 Chapters)

  1. Joe Verde Introduction
  2. Are You Ready!
  3. Common Questions About Goal Setting
  4. The Facts About Success & Goal Setting
  5. Common Mistakes Setting Goals
  6. Trainer Q&A: Common Questions
  7. Key Words In Goal Setting
  8. Result Goals v. Activity Goals
  9. Goal Setting Time Frames
  10. Trainer Q&A: Goal Setting Time Frames
  11. The Ten Steps To Becoming A Goal Setter...
  12. Trainer Q&A: Ten Steps To Goal Setting
  13. Why Do I Need To Track?
  14. What Should I Track?
  15. What Are The Steps To Tracking?
  16. Trainer Q&A: Why Tracking Is So Important
  17. Why Use Current Averages?
  18. Forecasting & Projections
  19. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
  20. Trainer Q&A: Current Average, Forecasting & Charting
  21. Understanding The Math On How To Raise Your Current Average
  22. What's Your Vision? What Are You Trying To Accomplish?
  23. Trainer Q&A: Vision & Bonus Section