How To Handle ‘Price’

Price (16 Chapters)

  1. Intro By Joe Verde
  2. A Simple Solution To ‘Price’ With Today's Value-Driven Buyers
  3. What Is Your Experience With Price?
  4. Facts About Price & Today's Buyer
  5. Most Common Mistakes Salespeople Make With Price
  6. 4 Easy Rules With Price To Make More Sales
  7. What's The Difference? Price Questions - Concerns - Objections
  8. How Do Kitchen Table Budgets Affect Price?
  9. Does The Buying Process Override Cheap Pricing?
  10. If You Can Learn 3 Questions - You Can Handle Price
  11. Your Three Goals: Bypass - Rephrase - Refocus
  12. Bypass Price When You're On The Lot
  13. Rephrase Price When You're Closing
  14. Refocus Price When You're Negotiating
  15. Increase Your Unit Sales - Make More Money - Have More Fun
  16. Trainer Q&A: Course Wrap up “Price”

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