Manager’s Corner

Manager’s Corner (85 Chapters)

  1. Any Quick Tips To Improve Sales?
  2. Aren't "Commitments" Kind Of Old School?
  3. What Are Customers Really Buying Today?
  4. How Can We Work With Price Questions?
  5. Describe An Effective Sales Force?
  6. Give Me The Short Job Descriptions We Need
  7. Why Do We Need To 'Rephrase' Price?
  8. Any Tips On Daily Prospecting?
  9. What's The Goal In Our 1x1s With Salespeople?
  10. Give Me Some Tips On Holding Better Training
  11. Describe An Effective Salesperson's Workday
  12. My Guys Smoke - How Do I Deal With It?
  13. When Is the Best Time to Close?
  14. Are Used Car Buyers Good Service Prospects?
  15. Why Do We Always Seem To Miss Our Goals?
  16. Who Should We Blame?
  17. Do Shortcuts Always Cost Us Sales Or Gross?
  18. How Can We Sell What's In Stock Instead Of Locating?
  19. Where's The Money Trail Lead?
  20. What Do You Mean By "Steady Growth"?
  21. What Do You Mean: Pay Now or Pay Later?
  22. What's It Really Cost To Get A Customer?
  23. Is There An Easy Way To Grow?
  24. Can't We All Just Get Along?
  25. What's Their Real Job?
  26. Can 'One Size Fits All' For Presentations?
  27. We Thought We Tracked Accurately - Any Tips?
  28. Give Me A Tip On An Effective Sales "Tool"?
  29. Don't Lower Prices = More Value For The Customer
  30. What Actions Speak Louder Than Words?
  31. What's The Real Math On Sales Vs. Lost Sales?
  32. You Refer To "Family" Lead Generation - Explain?
  33. Where's An Easy Place To Prospect?
  34. Isn't SHAC A Basketball Player?
  35. Why Is "Welcome" So Important?
  36. How Does Complacency Kill Sales So Quickly?
  37. Any Tips On Management Time Savers?
  38. If You Find Something That Works, Duplicate It!
  39. Who Is Our Real Competition?
  40. How To Work Better With Women Buyers
  41. How Can We Keep The Ball Rolling?
  42. What Is 'Lead Management'?
  43. How Can We Trade-In "Ups" for Repeat Customers?
  44. What Are 'Action' Closes?
  45. Why Is The Right 'Uniform' Critical In Sales?
  46. Why Doesn't Price Matter?
  47. How Does The Average Salesperson 'Score' In Selling?
  48. What Do You Mean "Sell On Your Feet"?
  49. What's Our Potential?
  50. What Can Our Service Advisers Do To Sell More?
  51. What's A 'Kitchen Table Budget'?
  52. How Can We Improve Our Closing Ratio?
  53. How Can We 'Double Net' With No New Expenses?
  54. When Should We Just 'Get Out Of Salespeople's Way'?
  55. Why Do You Say "It's Almost Never About The Price"?
  56. What If You Don't Have The Right Vehicle For Them?
  57. What Do You Mean 'Closing Is A Process'?
  58. Why Does It Have To Be 'Anchors Away'?
  59. Rocket Science: To Sell More - Just Help Them Buy
  60. Driving The Vehicle - That's The Secret
  61. I Saw This In Your Newsletter - What Does "ABC" Mean?
  62. How Do You Use 'Yes' Questions?
  63. Which Is Best In Sales: Asking or Telling?
  64. Why Should You Close On Value First?
  65. Do Most Managers Motivate Or Demotivate?
  66. What Does "Slow Kills Negotiations" Really Mean?
  67. How Soon Do Customers Buy?
  68. How Can Every Sale Be A Potential 36-Car Account?
  69. What Percent Of People Shop Our Price If We Give Them One?
  70. Which Type Of Traffic Is Best?
  71. Is Doubling Your Net Actually Possible?
  72. What Can We Do To Get A 15% Increase?
  73. Any Tips On Goal Setting?
  74. How Do You Implement 'The' System?
  75. How Can I Improve My Average 10-Car Guy?
  76. How Should We Manage Our 'Sold' Accounts?
  77. What's The Difference: Market Vs. Management?
  78. New Vehicles - Used Vehicles - Which Is Better?
  79. You Said "Change Price To Budget" To Sell More - How?
  80. How Can We Retain More Gross Profit?
  81. Which First Ten Words Make Or Break Most Sales?
  82. I Sold Lots Of Cars Without One - How Important Is A Demo?
  83. What Does It Really Cost Us To Buy A "Sale"?
  84. When Should Salespeople Use Their Evidence Manual?
  85. Why Should I Help My Salespeople Make More Money?