‘Fast Start’ For Managers

‘Fast Start’ For Managers (26 Chapters)

  1. Welcome From Joe
  2. Introduction
  3. How Are You Doing Now?
  4. How To Double Your Net
  5. The Secret: How To Get Salespeople To 'Work'
  6. How To Keep Salespeople Motivated
  7. Gross: New Vs. Used
  8. 3 Easy Ways To Raise Sales
  9. Why Do Managers Get Stuck?
  10. What's Your Real Job?
  11. If Prospects 'Buy' - What Are We Supposed To Do?
  12. Why It's So Easy To Sell Cars Today
  13. Closing On Price Or Budget - Which Is Best For Gross
  14. Why Shouldn't You Talk Price First?
  15. They Buy Quick - So We Have To Follow Up Fast!
  16. What's Up With Today's Buyers?
  17. How Much Gross Do Salespeople Give Up?
  18. Why Color & Options Don't Cost You Sales
  19. Do You Want Higher Gross?
  20. Common Sense Usually Isn't So Common
  21. The Math Says It All: Follow Up = More Sales!
  22. Just How Serious Are Inbound Sales Callers?
  23. What's It Really Worth To Prospect?
  24. 25 Quick Answers That Matter
  25. The Big Math: Opportunity, Denial or Heartbreak?
  26. A Final Thought From Joe