Fast Start To Recovery & Growth

Fast Start To Recovery & Growth (24 Chapters)

  1. Let’s Get Ready To Grow!
  2. What Changed About Selling Today?
  3. Are You Market Driven Or Management Driven?
  4. Price Matters – It’s Just Not Most Important!
  5. What Were We All Taught To Focus On?
  6. Can You Name Your Best Prospects Today?
  7. Three Groups - Three Key Responsibilities
  8. Good Gross Vs. Bad Gross - Why It Matters Today
  9. What’s Your Potential On Incoming Sales Calls?
  10. What’s Your Potential With Prospecting?
  11. What’s Your Potential With Unsold Follow Up?
  12. Critical Stats That Matter NOW!
  13. What’s Your Potential With The Basics And Closing?
  14. What Is Management’s Key Role In Your Dealership?
  15. You Set The Rules With Processes & Procedures!
  16. Tracking To Train – The Easy Way To Improve!
  17. Setting Clear Goals For Recovery & Growth
  18. Let’s Motivate - Not Demotivate Your Salespeople!
  19. Daily Training & Coaching Your Team
  20. Managing Your Salespeople & Their Activities
  21. Step 1 – Putting Your Recovery Team Together!
  22. Survival - Four Basic Steps To Take Now!
  23. Your Daily Dozen Steps To Recovery & Growth
  24. Something Important You May Have Overlooked…