EVENTS – Sell More Units Before, During & After All Of Your Events (25 Chapters)

  1. Course Introduction With Joe
  2. How To Maximize Your Event Opportunities
  3. You Have 3 Event Goals
  4. Quick Facts About Buyers
  5. Common Questions
  6. Trainer Q&A On Stats & Common Questions
  7. Biggest ‘Event’ Mistakes Salespeople Make
  8. Guarantee A Successful Event
  9. Drive More Traffic Asking For YOU
  10. Trainer Q&A On Pre-Event Activities
  11. Sell More Vehicles During The Event
  12. Your Critical 1st Step To Sell More
  13. Build Value With A “Targeted” Presentation & Demo To The Customer
  14. Trainer Q&A On Why Value Is So Critical (Using Steps 1 to 4)
  15. Where & How To Close
  16. Close NOW To Deliver More Units
  17. Action Closes Turn ‘Thinking’ Into ‘Buying’
  18. Wrap It Up & Start Your Paperwork
  19. Trainer Q&A On The Closing Process
  20. Use These Facts To Beat The Competition
  21. Turn A Lost Sale Into A Delivery
  22. Start Your Follow Up Immediately
  23. Three Contacts = More Sales
  24. And One More Thing
  25. Trainer Q&A To Answer Your Questions

A JVTN® Certification Course