Sell More CPO & Pre-Owned Vehicles Every Month (21 Chapters)

  1. Joe Verde: Why The Selling Process Is Even More Critical When You’re Selling Used & Pre-Owned Vehicles
  2. Selling Used Cars Is Definitely Different Than Selling New Vehicles & Here’s Why
  3. Give You & Your Market A Quick Test On Selling More Used Cars
  4. Who Is Your Used Car / Pre-Owned Buyer Today?
  5. Understand Their ‘Kitchen Table Budget’ & You’ll Sell More Units With Higher Gross
  6. What’s Your REAL POTENTIAL Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles Today?
  7. 15 Benefits Of Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles
  8. The 10 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make Selling Used / Pre-Owned / Certified Vehicles
  9. How The Joe Verde Selling Process Helps You Improve Your Sales & Income Immediately
  10. Your 1st 20 Minutes With Every Customer Are Critical
  11. Your 1st 60 Seconds Will Make Or Break Almost Every Sale
  12. Selling Is A Process & It’s Time To Make Friends
  13. Now Find Out EXACTLY Why They Want The Vehicle & How They’ll Use It
  14. Wish You Had More Units In Inventory That They Want? Just Ask These Questions & Triple Your Options
  15. 3 Secrets To Easier Sales & Higher Gross Profit
  16. Now It’s Time To Make The Car The STAR & SELL IT!
  17. Where’s The Best Place To Close The Sale?
  18. Joe’s 4-Step Closing Process Will Turn ‘Thinkers’ Into ‘Buyers’ On The Spot
  19. Now Wrap It Up & Then Finish It Off With This Critical Final Question
  20. When They Say ‘No’ – These Words Will Change Their Mind Fast
  21. Trainer Q&A: Answers Your Questions About Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles In Today’s Market

A JVTN® Certification Course