Closing In The Negotiation (21 Chapters)

  1. You Are “This Close” To Delivering A Vehicle – Now Just Close The Sale
  2. When You Get An Objection, ‘Agree With Them & Close’
  3. Reduce Every BIG Objection To ‘The Ridiculous’
  4. After You ‘Reduce It To The Ridiculous’ Add A Hook (Pt1)
  5. After You ‘Reduce It To The Ridiculous’ Add A Hook (Pt2)
  6. Never Try To Split The Difference – Use The ‘Uneven Split’ Instead
  7. When & How To Use The ‘Gas Savings’ Close Correctly
  8. When & How To Use The ‘Maintenance’ Close Correctly
  9. Use The ‘Split Payment’ Close For That Last Nudge You Need On Payment Or Price
  10. Gas Saving + Maintenance + Split Payment = ‘Bottom Line’ Close
  11. Trainer Q&A
  12. Closing On “The Book/Internet said my trade was worth”
  13. Use The ‘Hope To’ Close On Trade Value Objections
  14. Use the ‘New Car / Trade In’ Close When They Want To Wait
  15. Add A ‘Removable Objection’ To Every Negotiation To Create An Easy ‘Win’
  16. Use The ‘Quality Car’ Close To Add Urgency To Trade Now
  17. Use The ‘Long Term Savings’ Close For Those Easy Bumps
  18. Use ‘Time is Money’ To Stop The Shopper & Close The Sale Now
  19. Anytime You Want To Improve The Gross, Just Add The ‘Last Bump’ Close
  20. Trainer Q&A
  21. Why Closing In The Negotiation Is So Easy

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