The 20 Most Effective Closes (25 Chapters)

  1. To Close More – Understand The Closing Process
  2. Learn These 3 Questions – They’re The Foundation Of Closing
  3. Bypass Price On The Lot – To Close On Value With Higher Gross
  4. The New Basics™: Steps 1-4 Set Up A Perfect Closing Process
  5. The New Basics™: Steps 5-8 Close The Sale On The Spot
  6. “Seriously Now!” – ‘Agree & Close’ – ‘Summary’ Close – Your First 3 Closes
  7. ‘C R I C’ – If You Still Have Objections
  8. 2-Step, 1-Step, Zero-Step – Shortcuts To ‘C R I C’
  9. ‘Ben Franklin’ Close To Close More Sales
  10. Trainer Q&A: 5 Closes
  11. Turn Multiple Objections Into One Objection & Close Again
  12. Reduce The Objection To The Minor Point & Close
  13. ‘Apology’ Close – When & How To Apologize And Close
  14. ‘Conditional’ Close – When They Explain Why They Aren’t Buying Today
  15. Turn “We’ll Come Back Later” Into A Delivery Now
  16. Use The ‘New Car / Trade-In’ Close When You Hear This Objection
  17. Use The ‘Quality Car’ Close When They “Aren’t In A Hurry To Buy”
  18. The ‘One Thing’ Close – When You’re Losing It, Use This
  19. Use The ‘Group’ Close When You Need Help
  20. Use The ‘Lost Key’ Close To Sell It Now
  21. Use The ‘If You Were Me’ Close – When You’re Stuck
  22. How To Close On ‘Price’ When All Else Fails
  23. Use The ‘Lost Sale’ Close – To Close More Sales
  24. Trainer Q&A: Wrap Up
  25. “Seriously Now!” Close More Sales The Easy Way

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