The Key To Handling Objections (15 Chapters)

  1. Understanding Objections
  2. What’s The Difference? Questions – Concerns – Objections
  3. The Only Two Types Of Objections You’ll Get
  4. Kitchen Table Budget: What’s A KTB & Why Should You Care?
  5. How To Control Price On The Lot With Just One Question
  6. Trainer Q&A: Bypassing Objections
  7. Add Urgency & Deliver More Units
  8. Trainer Q&A: Urgency & Fear Of Loss Help You Sell
  9. Two Easy Closes For Their First Buying Objection
  10. Summarize Why They Want It And Close The Sale
  11. Trainer Q&A: Closing Step-By-Step
  12. If You Still Have An Objection – Then CRIC It!
  13. Trainer Q&A: CRIC
  14. Still Can’t Close It? Try The 2-Step … 1-Step … No-Step
  15. Are They Still Going To Leave? Let Ben Franklin Help You Close It

A JVTN® Certification Course